Security experts around the globe can’t stress enough to their clients about the importance of password protections. Experts say that their were over a billion hacking attempts last year alone. It takes a hacker just minutes from their computer to hack a six digit lower case password like “daisy”. Add an upper character and it gets close to 10 hours. Add more digits and special characters like “!@#$” and it gets infinitely harder for the hackers. Keep in mind that almost anyone can find out where you were born, your pets name and your date of birth. So why not use things that are your favorite like your favorite city or favorite type of food, etc. How do you make your passwords safe?

  • The longer the better
  • Use upper and lower case characters
  • Use numbers and special characters
  • Change your password every 60 days

Until biometrics and two factor authentication (something you have & something you know) become mainstream for everyday users, it’s best to implement a password strategy.

I hope some of these basic strategies help make your information more secure.

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