MacBook and iMac Repair

For MacBook and iMac Repair you’ve come to the right place. Our expert technicians have the experience and tools to fix your Apple MAC products right the first time.  Not all shops have the tools necessary to disassemble the all-in-one iMacs.  The front glass must be removed in order to access any of the internal components such as the hard drive, which might be necessary if it has failed or even to clean it for viruses.  Don’t fool around with an inexperienced shop – bring it to Mandeville Technology where we’ve been providing quality repairs since 2001.  Yes, we’re proud we’ve been around 15 years as not many IT companies can make that claim.  We’ve survived for a reason.  It’s because we provide quality repairs at an affordable price and our technicians are expert on what ails your machine.  We’re expert diagnosticians and are efficient at what we do.  Ask us anything about your MAC and we’ll have the answer.  Come see us today for fast, expert repairs at reasonable prices.

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Apple iMac – MacBook Performance

Let us restore the performance and pep your Apple MacBook – iMac used to have. We can fix it, enhance it, boost it, and add performance upgrades.  A solid state hard drive (SSD) always provides a nice performance boost and prices have come down to affordable levels.  Bring it in for an inexpensive tune-up and let us make some suggestions for even more performance. With MACs costing more than regular PCs, a performance upgrade can be a cost-effective option over replacing your computer.

Hard Drive Replacement or Upgrade

Our expert MAC technicians will upgrade your hard drive and install the latest OSX.  We offer drive cloning so you don’t have to set up your computer from scratch, leaving all your settings, data, and programs  in place.  We can also use your Time Machine backup to accomplish the same thing.  When necessary, we also have the ability to perform data recovery to rescue your important files and pictures.  Compare our service and pricing and you’ll find us to be the best, most professional value in Mandeville for MacBook – iMac repair.

Operating System and Software Repair

Tune-Ups andĀ Upgrades

Screen and Hardware Repair

Virus Cleanups – (Yes, Macs get viruses)

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