Data Recovery of water damaged drive

How much is your data worth? For some companies it’s the difference between staying in business and shutting down.  For personal users – photos of loved ones are priceless and can never be replaced.  If you have a damaged hard drive with critical data, Mandeville Technology can help with data recovery. If your hard drive has water damage, the time it takes to get it to us is critical. The longer the water sits on the platters and electronics, the harder it will be to recover the data.

We work on drives with mechanical failure, data corruption, water damage, and fire damage. Depending on the severity of the damage, we may be able to perform the data recovery in a matter of days in our shop in Mandeville, LA.  For more severe cases, we’ll send it to our partners who have state of the art data recovery equipment.  Don’t let your drive corrode with the passage of time. Contact us as soon as possible for a free phase 1 diagnosis.

You can bring it to us or ship it to us, but whatever you do, do it soon. We have been serving Mandeville, New Orleans, and Baton Rouge since 2001. Call us today for more information – 225-709-0108.

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